Permissions and Access Rights

Access to content and applications is defined by user groups and user roles.

A user group allows you to personalize access to SITEFORUM elements like stories, menus, forums, polls, catalogs, products, etc.
User groups do not define access rights for administrative features but make certain content available for selected users.

The groups "All Registered Users and Guests" and "Registered Users" are part of the standard setup of your portal and cannot be deleted - every registered user is automatically assigned to both groups.
Every user who is not registered and is accessing your portal while not being loggged into it, falls into the group "All Registered Users and Guests".
Every user that is registered and accessing your portal while being logged into it, falls into the group "Registered Users".

If a portal is a "closed portal" only users who are logged in can access any content, guests can only access the login page.

User roles, on the other hand, define which functions a certain user can carry out in the portal, like manage menus, modify forums, create users, etc.
A user role is either equipped with permissions or other user roles - which, in turn, can inherit other roles.

These permissions therefore define which rights the respective user role receives in the portal.

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