How do I link from a story to a document in the DMS?

With the help of the WYSIWYG editor it is very easy to link inside a story to a document (or any other element), which was uploaded in the DMS:
  1. Markthe word from which you want to start the link.
  2. Click in the WYSIWYG editor the icon insert/edit Link (Globe with chain). A new window opens up.
  3. Click in the new window the button Browse Server.
  4. Choose from the selection box the link type, here Link to Document (DMS).
  5. Choose from the selection box the Folder, in which the desired document was uploaded.
  6. Choose from the selection box the desired Document.
  7. Click the button Create. A placeholder gets created with which you call the desired document up. You can use the placeholder manually in the source code, if you have HTML skills.
  8. Click the link Copy to FCK editor. The second window closes.
  9. In the first window click the button Ok.
And done.

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