How to add a story

Firstly you must be logged in and have access to the portal master’s toolset.
• Choose the Website CMS tab and then Stories
• Select Add story.
• Choose a template (i.e. standard no image.).
• Enter the story title.
• Enter the short description. This is the text that will appear if the story is shortened (which happens if there is more than one story in a menu).
• The long description is the bulk of the story. This is also where you will find the WYSIWYG editor for editing information without any HTML knowledge. If you are copying text from elsewhere ensure you use plain text.
• Click the next step tab
• Choose the user group in order to control personalisation then click next step.
• You will now be at the menu option.
• Choose the menu you would like to assign the story to and click “add” this will add it to the list of stories in this menu. If you would like to add to a story to more than one menu then simply choose another menu in the drop down and again click “add.”
• Enter the start and end date of the story (when the story will go live).
• Click next step. Preview the story to make sure it looks okay. Save and Publish. As soon as you have saved and published the story is live on the site.

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